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The story of LANCER reads like an action adventure novel; as it well should. LANCER is a specialty company, and frankly, its products and services are not for everyone.

The name LANCER came from an action adventure series written by Jerry Ahern, THE SURVIVALIST (1980-1993).  Wikipedia describes THE SURVIVALIST as the generic title for Jerry’s long-lived series.  Jerry was the first novelist to create a series of novels with an iconic central character with distinctive survivalist attributes.  In the series, he featured a company called Lancer that took the weapons supplied by the hero, John Thomas Rourke, and his family and made “faithful reproductions.”

LANCER’s President, Bob Anderson, relates this story like this: “I took a kick to the gut the morning of Wednesday, July 25th, 2012. I had sent a note to my friend Jerry Ahern’s wife, Sharon; we had been working on a couple of projects. When she responded she told me that Jerry had passed peacefully in his sleep the night before.  To those of us that faithfully followed John Thomas Rourke, Jerry Ahern was special! I had the privilege of meeting Jerry back in 1993. Over the years, we developed a camaraderie I shall always treasure. He was an absolute gentleman and an absolute gentle man.”

“Jerry had contacted me with an idea about bringing John Thomas Rourke back to life, revitalizing THE SURVIVALIST series.  My story with THE SURVIVALIST began in 1981, I came across THE SURVIVALIST —#1 TOTAL WAR, written by Jerry Ahern, but I didn’t buy it.  Over the next several months, I kept encountering that book. Finally in 1982 I took a chance and bought it. By the end of the first chapter, I was hooked—and that hook stayed set for the next 28 books in the series.”

“When his widow, Sharon, asked me to continue the series with her, it was an honor I couldn’t have ever imagined. The task of bringing John Thomas Rourke back to life was daunting. Honoring Jerry, honoring John Thomas Rourke and his family, bringing the story back to life for past readers, and trying to appeal to new readers was challenging.”

“We are proud to announce that the Rourke family and new Rourke stories are flourishing.  As a direct result of the success with the new stories and ideas, LANCER was formed. We are proud to have Sharon Ahern as part of the LANCER team. It would have been impossible to do this without her. Sharon holds the position Media Relations Director.”

Bob combined activities from his own world with ideas he and Jerry had discussed and the adventure began. One of his first projects was the conceptualization of an idea he and Jerry had worked on—the creation of the JOHN THOMAS ROURKE COMBAT KNIFE SETTM.  As an author, Jerry was noted for his attention to detail on weapons and survival techniques.  For Rourke fans, Jerry and Bob developed the concept for these unique and one-of-a-kind handmade combat/concealable weapons.

LANCER is pleased to announce the new JOHN THOMAS ROURKE FIGHTING BOWIETM as the first part of the JOHN THOMAS ROURKE COMBAT KNIFE SETTM. This handmade custom knife was inspired by the authors of THE SURVIVALIST Series, written by Jerry Ahern, Sharon Ahern, and Bob Anderson, and created by Martin Knives of Caddo Mills, TX.

We’re proud to announce that LANCER has partnered with AG Russell to make available the first ever AG Russell Survivalist Sting.

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-The LANCER Team