Elite Military Gifts

Hi Folks, I’d like to tell you about a project Pam and I have been working on for about four years, called Elite Military Gifts.  We’ve been working with a local sculptor, David Lynn, to design, hand sculpt and create a model of the military beret.  I’m excited to announce that after all of this time, we now have the different versions of the beret available at www.EliteMilitaryGifts.com.

I think you will find that The Beret provides a unique and special way to honor a military member for their service.  This Memorial Day, it may even provide a special way to commemorate the service of a fallen service member.  Take a look and let me know your thoughts.  This project is near and dear to my heart, I hope you find The Beret as meaningful as I do.

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Any of us who wore, or currently wears the military beret, knows it is not only an iconic image reflecting our service; it’s a bond that ties us back to our historic roots. It represents The Code and the honor associated with the branch of service and mission it represent. For me, it’s the Blue Beret and its motto Defensor Fortis. It represents a lasting commitment understood best by those who’ve worn the beret.

Personally, I love collecting unique military memorabilia, it reminds me of my time in the service but I also look for unique ways to honor and recognize the service of others. The problem has been, more often than not, I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. So I decided to create them myself. I’ve been working with sculptor David Lynn of Nova Blue Studio Arts LLC, to design a line of products that honors our Defenders in a special and unique way.

Then I created a company called Elite Military Gifts to allow others to participate in the game.  I remember when I saw my first replica of this icon. While the replica was interesting, and I did purchase one, it was flawed in my opinion. First of all it was ceramic, shiny and fragile. In fact, the first one I purchased was reduced to shards during a move. So, I worked with Blue Nova Studio Arts to “fix” these problems.

There are many notable features to our beret. First, our beret is hand cast in a high-grade urethane. While I cannot say “You can’t break this model,” it is far more durable. Second, it has a wool texture and look of a real beret, down to the little “pip” in the center. Lastly, it is mounted on custom made walnut base, so it is not canted when displayed. It also allows you can add a brass plate to commemorate the service of the recipient.

Additionally, the appropriate flash (officer or enlisted) can be applied with rubber cement, or a silicon adhesive and replaced as needed or changed if appropriate. This gives the purchaser more flexibility in what is displayed and allows officers to move up in rank without having to spend additional funds. Also, due to restrictions concerning the sale of the flash, the purchaser must supply the flash.

This sculpture makes an ideal retirement or promotion gift. I believe you’ll also find it an “appropriate” addition to your collection of memories and memorabilia.  Please visit www.EliteMilitaryGifts.com to see the beret options available.

Thank you for taking time to learn about us.
Bob Anderson, CMSgt., USAFR (Ret)