TAC Leader #2 –Night Hawks

About Night Hawks

TAC Leader—NIGHT HAWKS is the story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things—again. They choose honor over their own safety. Courage over complacency. They pull no punches, cut no slack; all leading up to a hail of bullets.

They are politically “incorrect” when it comes to the elimination of evil, and delivering justice for victims and their families.  Read more...

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” —Edmund Burke

About Bob Anderson

Bob is a speaker, author and President of LANCER. As a speaker, his power message advocates doing hard things, especially when it’s unpopular or uncomfortable to do so; simple and back to basics. He believes in unwavering commitment and courage. Read More about “”

206 Acres for Sale in Missouri

Land for Sale by owner, Bob Anderson 206 Acres in Missouri. The property is perfect for Homesteading. Great for hunting–plentiful with deer, turkey and more. It is located just off State Hwy U (black topped highway). It has numerous desirable home sites. Read More about “”